squid pro quo

You named a bee after me.

K. 22. Adorable.

She/they pronouns thank you.


She is my sunshine.

I woke up to an owl hooting.


this isn’t the park you piece of shit

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everyone deserves to experience having a hot teacher


dear diary,

4/20 is coming to an end.

i have burned everything in my sight today. my laptop, my phone, my car, even my house.

i cannot stop,

i must blaze it.



"Can I get a photo of just you?"

"You can have 87 billion"

and then we had a photo shoot

No one poses like Gaston!

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I was gonna do the tarot thing but instead i did the* alcohol thing so i think it’s sleep time

ausausserbeimit replied to your post

i let people come to me on that site. and then ignore like 85% of people who message me. and then of the 10% of the remaining 15% to leave me alone. which leaves the 5% i actually have conversations with. grand.

i have started a total of one conversation on there and it ended with the guy telling me he was falling for me and me going “oh gosh look at the time”

no, i lied, then there was one that i sent to this girl about shel silverstein  bc she mentioned his work on her page and that one ended with her basically turning her nose up at me oops

i don’t do the instigating thing. I do the four or five stars if I like them thing.


more mastermind!chihiro, i’m sorry


My sexual orientation is girls who look like they could beat me up and boys who look like they wouldn’t stand a chance

and yet i cannot pull myself away. it’s like watching a train wreck but i’m on the train.

i literally had to log off i was getting so depressed

i could not find a single person on there that a) i hadn’t already met/talked to or b) actually looked fucking interesting and c) wasn’t pretentious as motherfuck 

i went through like a hundred “matches” and the only attractive ones ended up being huge douchenozzles


god this site is so depressing

ausausserbeimit replied to your post: people that put oxygen in their list o…

or like, fuckin water or something like wow i fuckin know

literally like wow thanks i didn’t know you had to breathe

this fuckwad had like something ions on his list like what